Juniper Berry Oil, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Juniper Berry Oil India
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    Juniper Berry Oil - Buy Juniper Berry Oil, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Juniper Berry Oil India
    Botanical Name : Juniperus Communis
    Price ($): 5.00
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    Juniper Berry Oil

    “Juniperis Communis” or Juniper Berry oil is a pure essential oil extracted from Juniper plants found mainly in northern Hemisphere. The plant of juniper oil grows to a height of four to six feet approximately and has tiny branches. Juniper Berry essential oil is said to have anti-arthritic properties helping in pain relief of the joints. Besides this, the natural juniper berry oil helps in stopping bacterial infection, counter balances the effects of poison, improves the circulatory system of the body, acts as a digestive agent and many other healing properties are associated with the oil of juniper berry.

    The essential oil of juniper berry is a transparent liquid having a slight sweetish aroma of fresh woody-balsamic. The oil blends in with other natural essential oils nicely and has been known to induce the feelings of love, health, and peace. The use of juniper berry oil in aromatherapy helps in treating bronchitis, hair dandruff, tiredness of the nerves and other health related problems. Furthermore, the natural oil of juniper berry is used in perfumes, cosmetics, soap, and detergents. The berry is also used in food industries and preparation of alcoholic as well as non alcoholic drinks.

    Like with any other aromatherapy essential oils the use of juniper berry oil should be done with cautions. For those who are sensitive, this oil can cause slight irritation. It is not to be used during pregnancy as it may stimulate the uterine muscle. In addition, those suffering from kidney diseases should also avoid the use of essential juniper berry oil. It should be noted that when applying or using any kind of essential proper care should be taken. If you are unfamiliar with the application of essential oils then it is advisable to seek proper guidance.

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